Weaving Lessons

Learn to Weave

I offer weaving lessons throughout the year at the Aberdeen Recreational and Cultural Center (ARCC)  in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It is located at 225 3rd Ave. I teach  Beginning, Advance Beginning, and Individual Study classes. More information on this and other programs can be found at their website: www.aberdeen.sd.us  –  Please feel free to contact me as well at info@lylaagiusdesigns.com

Private Lessons at my Studio

All classes are 3-week courses. They consist of one or two days a week, working an average of 4-6 hours. Day and evening hours are flexible to fit each student’s schedule and travel time needed. Most students work an average of 24 – 36 hours. Students that travel a great distance stay locally for about three to five days to complete their lesson. This can be broken up into two weekends as well. All fees include loom rental, access to all necessary equipment and supplies needed for each class.  (no extra fee is charged if a student shows up regularly and needs more time to complete the course. Otherwise a $25.00 weekly loom rental will apply).

Beginning Weaving: $275.00

Students will learn to set up the loom to weave from beginning to end by learning how to calculate and measure the warp, put it on the loom and thread it to weave. Students will also weave some basic weave structures and come home with a sampler as well as a set of 2-3 dish towels.

Exploring Color: $275.00 or $325.00

Option A: $275.00

Option B: $325.00

Option A: 

Students will measure their warp and set up the loom and make a color ”Gamp” or a sampler of different colors showing how they change when woven together. This can be made into a wall hanging or cut up in napkins or dishtowels.

Option B

Same as Option A, except project is larger and can be made into a lap throw or child’s blanket. Please note that this class will take more time to complete.  (Approximate finished size 40” x 40”)

Exploring Double Weave: $300.00

Students will measure their warp and set up the loom and make two or three samplers of double sided reversible cloth. These techniques can be used for making accessories for the home or apparel such as wall hangings, place mats, throw pillows, tube fabrics and making cloth twice the width of your weaving length. The possibilities are endless.

Exploring Patterns: $300.00

Students will measure their warp and set up the loom and come home with a wall hanging known as a “Gamp” or a sampler of different woven designs. Consisting of 20+ different patterns of: Twills, Overshot, Crackle, Monks Belt and several other well known weaving structures. This Gamp can be used for ideas for future projects.

Loom Rental: $25.00 per week

Looking for a particular loom to purchase? Renting one is a great way to know if it’s right for you. It’s also a great way to weave a special project that requires a loom that you may not own. 


plus weekly loom rental

If you want to weave something special or learn a different skill that’s not listed as one of my regular classes. We can customize a lesson to fit your needs. Plan on three to four days ($75.00 per day), to set the loom up. Then just pay the weekly rental fee till your project is finished.