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If you read my blog “Why Weaving?”,  then you know how I started weaving, so I’d like to tell you how I started my weaving business. It all started because I wanted a picket fence around my garden. Now I’m not talking about a cute little fence (well, it is cute because it’s only three feet high with scallops). What I’m talking about is 270 linear feet of picket fence. Yes, that’s right – 270 feet. My husband nearly choked when I told him! To give you some perspective, our farmhouse is about 30 feet by 45 feet or 135 linear feet.

Here is the really warped part – as you can see in the photo above – I can probably put three houses inside the garden that has 6,200 square feet of garden space. One year I had a pumpkin patch that was 100 feet by 100 feet or 10,000 square feet!


If I can do that, I can do this, right?  What was I thinking? Oh, did I tell you I’m a little warped?

My husband and I live in South Dakota and my brothers always joked that the state bird of South Dakota is the mosquito. With our summers of extreme heat, humidity and mosquitos, how did I think I could maintain a garden that is three times the size of my house? Yes, I must be completely warped!

My husband said “If you want this fence, YOU have to pay for it.” That’s when I started my weaving business, and my sister-in-law encouraged me to get a website. Did I say “encouraged”? I think demanded is more like it, as she said, “YOU NEED A WEBSITE!” It had never occurred to me to have a website, but I took her advice. 

Back to how I started my weaving business – I wanted to earn money for my fence. As it turned out, any money I made was spent right away for yarn or another loom or two. Well, what fiber artist wouldn’t do that?!!

Thanks to my mother (God Bless her), I got my fence in 2015 (hugs to Mom). So why do I still have a weaving business? Oh yes, “Warped and  Loving It!”

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