Four harness hand oven cotton baby blanketing, huck pattern in purple and red .

"My Son is almost 4 years old and he still sleeps with this blanket every night."

Brian and Isolde

Berkley, CA

"The Towels are wonderful..So absorbent and just the right size.  The color stay so true after multiple washings."

Judy from NE

"I love my towel that I got as a gift.  If a towel can be luxuriant, this is the one."

Peggy, SD

Eight harness Handwoven cotton dish towel with pinwheel pattern

"Lyla, Thank you so much for the towels! They are fantastic and the best towels I have."
Edmonds WA

"My towel was given to me as a gift and I felt it was too pretty to use, and it did a GREAT job of being pretty. Then something happened, I was desperate for a towel, I grabbed it, used it, then I fell in love with it all over again!  I asked myself why did I wait so long to use it?  It's my favorite towel to use and it's still pretty!"


Redwood City, CA

"I give these towels as gifts for housewarming, hostess gifts and any other occasion that comes up.  I always think if they like theirs half as much as I like mine, they will be very happy indeed."


Lincoln NE

"My towel is my go to towel.  So wonderful.  After a few washings they are so supple they get into each nook and cranny."

Betty NE

What Weaving Students Are Saying

The Aberdeen Recreation and Cultural Center (ARCC)


For several years I had been asking the ARCC to offer weaving.  They always told me that they would when they could find a teacher! Well a couple of years ago, they were lucky enough to find Lyla Agius.  Not only is she a skilled weaver, she can teach all levels from beginner to advanced.  She has a wonderful personality and makes the classes fun.

Carolyn Eaton

Aberdeen, SD

At My Studio


I recently took a weaving class from Lyla at her studio.  I have been weaving for some time, but I am self taught and thought it was time to work with a professional weaver.  Lyla was extremely flexible.  Since I was coming from quite a distance, we decided to work the class into an intensive weaving weekend.  She also tailored the class to meet my needs and what I wanted from it.  I learned so much in that weekend, both from the weaving projects and just from working with someone who really understands the process.  I would recommend Lyla to anyone interested in learning to weave from the very basics to more involved techniques.  She is very easy to work with,  knowledgeable , and a great teacher.

Tessie Smith (Owner, Arachne Yarns and More,)

Ortonville, MN