Notes from my Customers

About Baby Blankets

“This was my son’s favorite blanket as a baby, and when we had our second son, it got stolen at bedtime so often we had to get another.”

Brie and Isolde ~ Berkeley, CA

1st Blanket
"It's Mine!" (no more fighting)

“A sweet little woolen baby blanket!!”

ETSY Customer

About Dishtowels

“The towels are wonderful. So absorbent and just the right size. The color stays so true after multiple washing.”  Judy~from NE

“I love my towel that I got as a gift. If a towel can be luxuriant, this is the one.”   Peggy ~ from SD

“I give these towels as gifts for housewarming, hostess gifts and any other occasion that comes up. I always think if they like theirs half as much as I like mine, they will be very happy indeed.”  Char ~ from NE

“My towel is my go-to towel. So wonderful. After a few washings they are so supple they get into each nook and cranny.”  Betty ~ from NE

“This dishtowel was so pretty I didn’t want to use it. I loved how it hung in my kitchen on display. But one day, something happened. I NEEDED a towel, a pot holder, something! I grabbed the first thing that was handy. It was my beautiful handwoven dishtowel that I used for décor.  After I grabbed it and used it, I said to myself  “Oh my – this  wonderful, why haven’t I used it sooner?” I use it all the time now.”

Dianne ~ Redwood City, CA

About Bread Basket Liners

“SO beautiful! I’ll be proud to have in a bread basket! Received fast and in great condition”  ~ ETSY Customer

About Custom Orders

“Can’t say enough about how Lyla was so easy to work with. I was amazed at how extraordinary her work was.”

“I was very impressed of Lyla’s ability to lead me through all the decision metrics of all the patterns and textures and colors that are available in weaving.”

Rhonda and Glenn ~ Santa Ana, CA