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Never Give Up~part 3

Part 3

This blog is hard for me to write. I so wanted to keep Covid and the word “Covid” out of my weaving life, but I can’t do that here.

The tablecloth was finished with 12 matching napkins and mailed in time for my brother’s Easter Celebration meal with his family in 2020.  Then Covid hit. My brother, at the time, lived in California and the state was completely shut down, so there were no church or family gatherings for Easter.

The tablecloth sat and sat. So sad. It broke my heart, but I won’t go there. (I swore to myself weaving is NOT about Covid.)

Two years later this photo was taken for their Valentine’s Day meal in 2022 with just my brother and his wife in their new home in Montana. I use this photo as my desktop wallpaper on my computer, too.  It brings me great joy!  I find that I just stare at it and any computer work that I must do gets really, and I do mean really, delayed! LOL

~curtesy photo from customer~

No matter how things are going,  “Never Give Up”. Life is wonderful, and whether you weave an item yourself or have one custom-made, it will always be unique and special, adding magic into your life.

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