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Never Give Up~part two

Part 2

Never Give Up-part 1” ended with my client taking pictures of his dining room to help me come up with a design style for his custom handwoven tablecloth.

In the process of all the emails and pictures being sent back and forth, my client sent me a picture of a handwoven tablecloth that was for sale from Russia. Oh, it was beautiful! And done in the Folk Art style. 

I'm so sorry that I can't give the weaver of this tablecloth their proper credit

“It had different textures throughout, and stripe color patterns that reminded me of something I would see on gypsy clothing.


But fortunately (for me) it was too small for his table and a little too bold for his taste. He also didn’t want to try or communicate in Russian to have one custom made for him. After discussing what he liked and didn’t like about this particular tablecloth, including the colors and fiber, he said “Go for it”! 

After that we finalized all the details: style, color, design and pricing. I asked him how he found me. (I wanted to know if it was my website or from word of mouth). Well, come to find out, it was my brother giving me a bogus name, and a bogus address too. (He sent me a selfie of himself.) No wonder his wife said it was his project, and no wonder I love her!   And I got the truth of why he didn’t order the tablecloth from Russia.

Funny, when I was a child, I wrote a poem about my brother.

…..“My brother Glenn built me train, it all fell apart and I got a Pain”…..


Yes at 63 he is still a pain.  But I love him and the tablecloth would be woven for him.  Actually, it would be woven for my sister-in-law!    (I’m so glad he can’t speak or write in Russian too.)  LOL

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