My Story

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~You Are Worth It~

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Handwoven Goods knows they are getting a quality piece worthy of any royal family.

~Lyla Agius                                         Lyla Agius Designs – Owner

Before I Created Lyla Agius Designs

I studied Interior Design and received a degree in Fashion Design. I was happy sewing my own clothes with fabrics purchased at my local fabric stores.

Then one day I was at a local fabric and yarn store, and saw other customers taking a weaving workshop. The concept of making my own cloth with colors and textures that I could choose for my own sewing was exhilarating. After seeing this, I searched for amazing fabrics like I saw on the looms and I could’t find any. I also noticed that the quality of fabrics from the  fabric stores had diminished over the years as well.

I could weave household items such as dishtowels, tablecloths and fabrics for window coverings and upholstery. I could weave high quality fabrics used for clothing and wonderful blankets in natural fibers for a baby’s delicate skin.  

I wanted to create these fabrics.

But then…

I had to learn how to weave, and a whole new design skill as well. I knew the joys of touching and looking at beautiful fabrics. I wanted other seamstresses, tailors and designers to experience this as well.

Its turns out…

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

I had to buy a loom, find a place to weave, research yarn companies, weave product for craft fairs – the list goes on.

I was concerned…

About how much time actually goes into setting up a loom and not being a production style weave I felt I could not make enough product for my customers to have a diverse choice of woven goods at craft fairs or other shows.

At the few fairs I did I met people who were interested in learning to weave for themselves as they remembered their grandmother weaving or they just loved the art of this craft. I met people who loved the quality so much that they asked if I would weave them a particular item in a certain color and size.

Because of this…

I started teaching at my local recreation center and this has grown into private lessons as well. Teaching and my style of weaving has given me the quality skills necessary for weaving those special items you are looking for. A lot of love and care is woven meticulously into each piece I weave.

  ~Lyla Agius – Owner Lyla Agius Design
 specializing in teaching and custom orders.