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Let the Blogging Begin

So I want to write a weaving blog. And what do I do instead? I take an online English grammar class just to learn where to put a comma. Granted this is important but, OMG!

What does parallel sentences, simple perfect progressive tenses and other English terminology have to do with writing a blog? I mean really, a blog is basically an online journal, right? And how many people who write a journal make a mental note when they are writing? “Oh look! I just wrote a compound sentence! I did this by joining two sentences with a coma… I know this because after the coma I have a complete sentence…because it has a subject and verb after the coma. WOW, how cool is that!

Maybe for people who really love words and language, they just totally get it. Honestly, I never did. My brain just doesn’t retain it. So why am I trying to learn and remember all this? Oh yes, I want to write a weaving blog.

Looms, warp, weft, shafts, and shuttles are my kind of words. Not nouns, verbs and adjectives. Knowing what a loom does and how it works is much more important to me than knowing the word “loom” is a noun. “So forgive any grammatical errors or typos you might see here (or the ones my daughter misses when she copyedits this blog). I’m just excited to talk about what I love and to connect with my fellow weavers, like you.”

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