Leclerc Looms

Nilus Leclerc in 1906 was building looms that measured six feet by six feet in Quebec, Canada. In 1924 he started production of smaller, compact looms for the home weaver.


Lyla Agius Designs has been an authorized dealer of Leclerc Looms since 2013 and I have owned and used Leclerc looms since 2007. All of Leclerc looms are made with selected, well-seasoned, kiln dried Canadian maple. Their looms and accessories are guaranteed for one year covering materials and workmanship. Upon proof of defect parts are replaced free of charge.

I’m happy to help you with all your weaving needs whether its questions about weaving or Leclerc Looms. Please contact me at: 605-380-3619 or email me at:

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