About Lyla and Her Handwoven Goods

My Story

I grew up studying music and loved sewing and making my own clothes, but there was something lacking.  I had tons of design ideas in my head, so after high school I went to college and studied interior design.  Colors and texture for the whole home was intriguing for me, yet still something was missing. 

Since I loved to make my own clothes I switched my major to fashion design.  While I was learning this design skill I was saddened by the fact that the fabric stores were turning their focus from clothing fabrics to craft fabrics.  My heart was aching for more.  This is when I discovered weaving!

It was Perfect for me

weaving draft and loom

Weaving and Music

When I first looked at a weaving draft it reminded me of a music score, and the treadles of the loom reminded me of the pedals of the organ. I couldn't wait to combine my two artistic loves and see the results.

purple warp on loom

So the Lessons Began

I studied weaving in 2007 in Mountain View, California, from Hannalore Cole, a master weaver from Germany. I took all the classes I could before my husband retired and we moved to South Dakota. In 2013 I started my business and with my love of design, texture, and fashion, I now weave home goods and apparel.

Handwoven Dishtowel ina  M's &W's weave structure

Now I offer weaving lessons for you to create your own handwoven goods at my studio as well as at the local recreation center.  I hope to pass on my love of weaving as well as the art form. I also love to spin my own yarn and knit. Fiber and fabric are my favorite art mediums but weaving cloth is like playing music for my soul!