About Handwoven Goods

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Cotton and Shrinkage

All my handwoven 100% cottons have been machine washed twice in hot water and dried in a hot dryer to get all the shrinkage out.  

Laundering Handwoven Goods

100% cotton:  

Your cotton towels and blankets will last years and get softer with each washing. They may be washed and dried by machine, however I recommend washing your 100% cotton handwoven goods with warm/cool water, and dried in a medium heat dryer. Do not use bleach as this will break down the fibers, nor fabric softener as this will retard their absorbency. Bright colors will last longer in cooler water and no direct sunlight.


Special care must be taken when laundering wool to prevent shrinkage and felting. Hand wash and soak only in cool temperature water using special detergent such as Eucalan Wool Wash.  Roll in towels to get the excess water out and dry flat. 


When laundering handwoven goods with more then one kind of fiber, one should be aware of how they will interact together when wet. It is always best to wash by hand just as you would your wool items.  

Silk, Alpaca, Llama, or other hair fibers:

Silk and animal hair fiber such as Alpaca, Llama or other hair animals should be hand washed in hair shampoo instead of detergent as these are protein based fibers.

If you have more questions on how to launder handwoven goods, please contact me.

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