Why Handwoven

There is a magical feeling when you touch a handwoven article. The drape, the sensation that runs through your fingers is nothing like you’ll experience with store made items. Maybe it’s the higher quality, or that it’s a one of a kind item that adds to the special indulgence which brightens and beautifies your home. Whatever the task, maybe drying dishes (a mundane chore) is wonderful with a handwoven dishtowel. Not only is it more absorbent, it will last for years making the purchase a very thrifty choice by buying fewer store bought towels that turn into rags and end up in landfills. Perhaps it’s a baby  blanket that that will really cradle your baby as it sleeps, or the color and texture with beautiful patterns for your child to observe while they play–a real treasure that will be passed down making it a true heirloom. Whatever it is, you, your home, and loved ones are worth it!